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Sleep Better

Try to go to sleep and wake up at about the same time every day.
In the morning, open your bedroom windows: fresh air and sunlight are the best germ killers.
Avoid alcoholic drinks, caffeine, tea and cigarette smoking at bed time. Have a cup of herb tea or warm milk instead: they are much healthier and relaxing. 
Do not eat too much at dinner and, more importantly, avoid midnight snacking. 
Do not keep electrical appliances in your bedroom. If you cannot do without a radio alarm clock or a cell phone, do not keep them close to your head.
Use bed linen made from natural materials, such as cotton, linen, wool.
Make sure the temperature in your bedroom is not too high: it should not exceed 18/20°C.
Reduce your physical activities in the evening. Too much exercise generates adrenaline, which does not promote sleep.
A warm bath or a massage may promote sleep, and are more pleasurable and less harmful than a sleeping pill.
If you have problems falling asleep, do not take a nap in the afternoon. If you feel very tired, do not rest for longer than 30 minutes in the early afternoon.
Pay close attention to your mattress, where, in fact, you spend a good third of your life. Even the best mattress will wear over time. Getting a new mattress at least once every ten years improves the quality of your rest and your life.

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